PMS rant/Life update

It's been a crazy few weeks for me. On the 11th of February I was offered a place to stay while I get better with my friend, we'll call him Tj. I'd posted yet another Snapchat story being upset about Mr.T not taking me into consideration and breaking my trust and Tj was able and [...]


We're both annoyed with each other now. The only person getting any satisfaction from this "relationship" is him and as he's stated more than once he considers me a burden he has to carry despite the fact that I've begun mostly paying for my own food and so all he's really paying for towards me [...]

Black tar…

...that's the stuff my ex used to smoke. He was bleeding his grandfather's bank account dry to buy his fix. I was barely 18 when we met, that scar down his cheek had me wanting to know everything about the soft-faced boy I'd met in my college night class. Rewind to where my life was. [...]